English, 1st Edition @ 2018

BISAC: Poetry / Subjects & Themes / General


Life will test you
Life will warn you
Life may even harm you
How you react
Will be what defines you

Learn… forget…
Grow… forgive…
The poison is in your mind

Untamed Poetry

*** Compilation of Instagram published poetry

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Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul 2

English, 1st Edition @ 2014

48 pages – ISBN-10: 1495966232

BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth


From end 2013 to beginning 2014, I have learned life-changing valuable lessons I wish to share. They may seem common. They may already be part of your routine, or perhaps, as it was for me, they may be the path to self-discovery.

Each day is a different life, a different you, a different world. As you walk by and look around, you then realize things are simply not the same… There are so many different occurrences… Yet they all go unnoticed, as we launch ourselves in our daily battles. And we never stop, not even once, to ponder over the miracle we are facing, creating, taking part of, experiencing without our full awareness…

… In this outstanding adventure called Life, the Heart knows the What; the Soul knows the How. Linked together, they bring all to Light.

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English, 1st Publication @ 2013, 2nd Edition

54 pages – ISBN-10: 1511509481 – BISAC: Poetry / Subjects & Themes / General


Peculiar emotions,

Peculiar thoughts expressed in a peculiar way.

Peculiar human feelings presented in peculiar ways

An ensemble of poetic texts exploring the different facets of emotions felt by a writer and a commoner.

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English, 1st Publication @ 2012, 2nd Edition

BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / General

Life… Love… Inspiration… Torment… Pain… Hardship… All of which make us human, make us special, break us down, build our strength… Our existence is as a boat on the sea, our Thoughts are the lifeguards.

“Phenomena”, first known as “Thoughts”, was written when she was nothing but 19 years old, seeking for her path. Simple, inspiring, her own childlike vision of life.




English, 1st Publication @ 2012, 2nd Edition

86 pages – ISBN-10: 1500499145 – BISAC: Poetry / General


…Words leave scars light as feathers and deep as tortured wounds…

… Words often speak louder than actions. They can bleach out the color from your cheeks, or delightfully blush them as they fall from beloved lips…

Poetry and thoughts compilation, merged with daily insights experienced by both writers, thus by all human beings. This is a mirror offered to the reader’s expert eyes. A ride through your life’s Unveiled emotions

Speaking out loud what is thought in little dark corners, putting out there this blur!!! … A mirror offered to the reader’s expert eyes. A ride taken with Catherine Vilbrun through life’s Unvelied emotions.

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